Lightning Protection in Johnson City

When lightning strikes, make sure your trees are protected. Baker Tree Experts’s licensed tree experts can help you understand how lightning strikes your trees and how protecting them can keep you and your family safe.

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Baker Tree Experts’s Comprehensive Lightning Protection Services

Taller trees attract lightning because they’re out in the open. Trees near water, on open hilltops, or close to buildings with electrical wiring are most vulnerable to getting struck by lightning. Although it can strike any type of planting, lightning most often strikes:

  • Pine trees
  • Sycamore trees
  • Oak trees
  • Cottonwood trees
  • Maple trees
  • Elm trees
  • Hemlock trees
  • Ash trees
  • Spruce trees
  • Tulip trees

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Lightning Rod Assessments

We’ll assess trees close to your home or business for their vulnerability to lightning damage. There are several factors that we consider so that we can protect a tree from storm damage. This includes its species, its height, and how close it is to other structures. Our qualified tree experts are available when you need them to provide you with the best protection for your property.

We’ll take a look at the existing trees on your property to figure out how much damage they have endured from lightning strikes. This allows our certified tree experts to determine your options for lightning rod installation.

If the installation is possible, we’ll walk you through the next steps to installing lightning protection on your trees. Not sure where to start? Call one of our certified tree experts today to book a consultation.

Top-Notch Lightning Protection Services

Our advanced lightning rod installation system protects your property from any harm. The installation of our equipment is built to properly handle the threat when a tree is struck by lightning. A far better conductor than any tree, our specialized metal rods safely channel lightning into the ground instead of its structure.

Our lightning protection systems prevent the lightning from ever interfering with the state of your trees and preserves your property for years to come.

Our experts are available to help so that you can be sure your trees are protected from lightning damage. Regular checkups of your protection system can prevent breakage and erosion from hitting the roots of your tree.

The Best Lightning Protection Services in Johnson City

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If you’re looking to protect your home and property from damage, look no further than our expert tree experts. We’ll take safety precautions to ensure your property is risk free.

We offer inexpensive and flexible lightning rod installation options that are guaranteed to fit your budget. Keep your space safe by asking us about our protection plans to suit your individual trees.

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